Prof.*/PD Dr. Cornel Zwierlein

Since April 2018 Heisenberg-Fellow (Stipendiat) of the German Science Foundation (GZ ZW 164-6/1), attached to the University of Bamberg. 

Since May 2018 German cooperation partner of the Alexander-von-Humboldt foundation´s Anneliese-Maier-Award winner Prof. Dr. Alan Mikhail (Yale, 2018-2023). 

2018-May 2019 associate* at the Max-Weber-Kolleg Erfurt

After having served as w1-Prof 2007-2017, teaching rights and obligations* remain at the History Department, RUB Bochum, according to the Habilitation regime.

Research (Bamberg/Erfurt) and teaching (Bochum) have been separated. 

Privately living in Berlin in a rented flat, for reasons of library use and easy commuting. 

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* Only income is the Heisenberg-Stipendium directly paid by the DFG, no salary from either of the universities mentioned. Separation of Research and Teaching was done because the DFG project is fitting more to the Bamberg group; attaching the projects to Bochum might suggest being still employed there, though the ´tenured´ teaching rights are now only unpaid and a permanent position is still needed. Bochum has always been served by this academic, also by mentioning it everywhere during the years at Harvard, by supervising and graduating three PhD students until now, as peer-reviewer for many national and international funding agencies and on all what is due on such a position at the level of a prof.,  PD = Privatdozent, right to teach on professorial level and to supervise PhD students, cf. § 14 par. 3, HabilO Bochum; Prof. = either Prof. a.D. or special case § 123 with § 77 LandesbeamtenG NRW, letzte Ernennungsurkunde und Dienstbezeichnung "Professor" (Ernennung "zum Professor als Juniorprofessor").. But please, just call mit Cornel or Dr. in international contexts, it is a little bit a German problem, having served and also having been used as "Professor", peer by many institutions and as it was always more helpful for students in the German contexts for 10 years.