Prof./PD Dr. Cornel Zwierlein

is since April 2018 Heisenberg-Fellow (Stipendiat) of the German Science Foundation (GZ ZW 164-6/1), attached to the University of Bamberg. From there, he is also acting as cooperation partner (host) of the Alexander-von-Humboldt foundation´s Anneliese-Maier-Award winner Prof. Dr. Alan Mikhail (Yale, 2018-2023). He is still associate (no salary) during that project time at the Max-Weber-Kolleg Erfurt, in 2018 also associate at the History Department, Harvard (no salary). Teaching rights and obligations - unpaid since 2017 - are still in Bochum, Research and teaching have been separated after the Bochum w1-position was left to expiration by that department (´Nachversicherung durchgeführt´), also for making visible that neither a prolongation nor a permanent position is granted by Bochum University despite 9 years of service, three PhD students successfully graduated, sucessful third-party-fundraising etc. (6+1 year, +2 years ´Beurlaubung ohne Dienstbezüge´ during the stay at Harvard; no tenure track plans for that generation of w1 at the History department; this would be unclear if the Heisenberg would continue to feed a position at Bochum that would look identical from outside, but which is not the fact, and would weaken still more the position during applications and after the Heisenberg). Only income is the - certainly generous - Heisenberg-Stipendium which is a Research position destinated for scholars, usually, as here, with Habilitation, searching for a full professorship or similar positions on that level, Pension funds etc. have been converted to private solutions. After its expiration, a new financing would have to be found. Privately living in Berlin in a rented flat, only for reasons of library use and easy commuting between West (Bochum), East (Erfurt), and South (Bamberg).

A recently granted further small DFG project (Sachbeihilfe) GZ ZW 164-7/1 will be started later due to some changes (waiting for a graduate student collaborator, database building; Mittelabruf first months of 2019). 

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